The project supports the introduction of a new course on VSB-TUO "Political Regionalization of Visegrad Countries”. The course is designed primarily to selected specializations of EF VSB-TUO. The teaching language is English. In course  also participate lecturers from Poland and Hungary.

The aim of the course Political Regionalization of Visegrad Countries  is to give the students a comprehensive overview of the content and development of current major theoretical approaches to the processes of regionalization and interregionalization  and the potential  of   Visegrad Group cooperation and integration  within the  European Union and  in international context. The subject provides skilled information on all types  of  regionalization – from economic and cultural cooperation to integration on political level. The main objective is to understand more  by defining of main differences and main commonalities  of the Visegrad group's capabilities. The purpose is to highlight the potential of the Visegrad Group particularly in the political sphere – in sphere of foreign and defence policy.  This is possible by comparing the political history, political system,  political ideology,  political culture and national interests of the Visegrad  Group countries, to be promoted within the European Union and external international relations.

The introduction of the course is supported by a financial grant of the International Visegrad Fund.

Registration No. 61450022
Support provider: International Visegrad Fund
Support recipient: VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
Partner: University of Miskolc, Hungary, University of Opole, Poland
Guarantor of the project: PhDr. Olga Gubová
Period: 2015-2018

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