Courses in english for ERASMUS+ students

714-0866 Mathematics 1  
714-0867 Mathematics 2  
714-0868 Mathematics 3  
714-0886 Numerical Methods  
714-0896 Statistics  

Courses in english

714-0211Mathematics IV
714-0253Numerical Methods
714-0266Mathematics I
714-0267Mathematics II
714-0268Mathematics III
714-0276Descriptive Geometry
714-0277Descriptive Geometry
714-0324Matrix analysis and variational calculus
714-0333Compendium of Mathematics IV
714-0334Compendium of Mathematics III
714-0365Basics of Mathematics
714-0366Mathematics I
714-0367Mathematics II
714-0368Mathematics III
714-0369Mathematics IV
714-0375Constructive Geometry
714-0386Numerical Mathematics
714-0393Database Systems
714-0394Using of Internet
714-0432Mathematical Modelling
714-0433Tensor Analysishttp:/
714-0511Engineering Mathematics
714-0513Special Topics in Mathematics
714-0552Numerical Methods and Statistics
714-0555Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics
714-0556Geometry with Computer
714-0565Basics of Mathematics
714-0566Bachelor Mathematics I
714-0567Bachelor Mathematics II
714-0575Descriptive Geometry
714-0584Mathematics on computers and programming basics
714-0588Creation and implementation of algorithm's
714-0589Stochastic Methods of Modelling
714-0591Computer Graphics
714-0596Applied Statistics
714-0761Algebra and analytical geometryhttp:/
714-0766Mathematical modeling of engineering problems
714-0767Vector and tensor analysis
714-0781Numerical methods and statistics
714-0924Vector and Tensor Analysis
714-0925Classical Methods of Solution of Partial Differential Equations
714-0926Interpolation and Approximation of Functions
714-0932Mathematical methods in safety engineering
714-0941Mathematical modeling of engineering problems
714-0993Modelling and Evaluation of Geological Bodies
714-0995Expert Systems in GIS
714-3625Applied Mathematics

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