Nanotechnology Centre (CNT) as a successor of Institute of Materials Chemistry (IMACH) was established 2/1/2007. Establishment of the CNT reflects the changes in research and development activities of the IMACH which became strongly focused on the different fields of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology. Establishment of the CNT reflects also accreditation and start of the new study program Nanotechnology at our University. The program is going to start from academic year 2007/2008. Research in the field of nanotechnology is focused on following areas:

  • preparation and characterization of layered phyllosilicates and hydrotalcites intercalated with organic molecules,
  • preparation and characterization of metal nanoparticles, their oxides and sulphides fixed on the surface of silicates, preparation and characterization of nanocomposite coatings on the surface of silicates,
  • utilization of bionanotechnology approaches for preparation of metal nanoparticles and their characterization,
  • preparation and characterization of silicate nanoparticles using combination of mechanical and mechano-chemical procedures for their potential use in nanocomposites,
  • analysis and characterization of nanoparticles originating during friction process,
  • toxicity and environmental risks of nanoparticles.

Nanomaterials are being prepared for following applications: catalysis, photocatalysis, sorption and degradation of organic pollutants, nanocomposites as protective layers, fotofunction and antibacterial nanocomposites.
Experimental methods used for characterization of prepared nanomaterials comprises X-ray powder diffraction analysis, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, gas, liquid and ion chromatography, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy with microanalysis. Computer design of prepared materials is performed using software Materials Studio.

Organization structure of Centre of Nanotechnology

Director of CNT

prof. Ing. Jaromír Pištora, CSc.

phone: +420 597 321 571

           +420 597 323 129

Deputy director for education;

Head of department of inorganic analysis

prof. Ing. Jana Seidlerová, CSc.

phone: +420 597 321 549

Deputy director for science and research and analytical work;

Manager of quality

doc. Ing, Daniela Plachá, Ph.D.

phone: +420 597 321 575

           +420 597 321 554



Ing. Hana Janušová

phone: +420 597 321 546


Head of Department of technology and structure of nanomaterials

doc. Ing. Gražyna Simha Martynková, Ph.D.

phone: +420 597 321 572

           +420 597 329 549

Head of Department of materials testing

doc. Ing. Vladimír Tomášek, CSc.

phone: +420 597 321 565

Head of Department of organic analysis

Ing. Zdenek Lacný

phone: +420 597 321 554

           +420 597 321 544

Head of Department of bionanotechnology

doc. Mgr. Jana Kukutschová, Ph.D.

phone: +420 597 321 557

          +420 597 329 353

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