Analysis of chemical composition

SPECTRO XEPOS new - energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer.

MULTI N/C 3100 – determination of TC, TOC, DOC and TNb, equiped with combustion system HT 1300.

UNICAM 969 - atomic absorption spectrometer with flame atomization.

UNICAM 989 QZ - atomic absorption spectrometer with electrothermic atomization.

AMA 254 - atomic absorption spectrometer for determination of Hg.

LAMBDA 11 – UV-VIS spectrophotometer.

NexION 350D, Perkin Elmer - Mass Spectrometer with Inductively Couplet Plasma with special software which measure single nanoparticles distribution.

CINTRA  303 – UV-VIS spectrophotometer equipped with diffuse reflectance accessory.

JY 24 - atomic emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma.

SPECTRO VISION EOP - atomic emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma.

FTIR 2000 PERKIN ELMER - infrared spectrometer with Fourier transformation.

Liquid chromatography (Detectors: UV VIS Waters 486, fluorescent Waters 470, DAD
Waters 996, electrochemical Waters 464).

Gas chromatography (detectors: FID,ECD, TCD).

Gas chromatography with mass detection system (MSD 5971).

Phase analysis:

INEL CPS 120 - X-ray powder diffractometer.

BRUKER D8 ADVANCE - X-ray powder diffractometer.


PHILIPS XL-30 – scanning electron microscope with EDS detector (EDAX).

EXPLORERTM - AFM microscope.

OLYMPUS BX51 – light microscope.

Testing of friction-wear properties:

Testing device for friction composites I

Testing device for friction composites II

Sample preparation:


Jaw crusher TESTCHEM.

Jaw crusher Retsch.

Planetary mill FRITSCH pulverisette 7, milling materials - agate and tungsten carbide.

Laboratory vibrating mill VM 4.

Planetary ball mill Retsch PM 4.

Device for cryomilling in liquid nitrogen SPEX 6850.

Device for sieve analysis Retsch VE 1000.

Friction saw Leco LSM 175.

Plate polisher Leco SPECTRUM SYSTEM 1000.

Device for surface sputtering with metal and carbon POLARON SC 7640.

High-pressure filtration device.

Microwave digestion system with scattered radiation.

Digestion system PERKIN-ELMER (samples mineralization in open and high-pressure regime up to the pressure of 100 atm).

Gas fusion machine FLUXANA for preparation of borate pearls for XRF

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