OSU students

OSU students can use same services as students of VŠB-TU Ostrava, for example catering service, printing, copying, internet access etc. It is neccesary to register first.

Registration consist of two steps:

  • online registration on web www.vsb.cz/regosu
    • choose "University of Ostrava"
    • to login use your OSU account
    • it will be shown information about you (name, surename, email); to continue the registration you have to set your date of birth
    • VŠB login and password will be displayed
  • VŠB Card center
    • after online registration it is importent to get to Card center with your card of OSU student (ISIC or standard); in some cases your valid passport or identity card can be needed
    • it will be taken your photo (free of charge)
    • card chip number will be readed

Validity of registration expires on the September 30.


Revalidation of registration

Each academic year is necessary to extend validity. You can use web page - www.vsb.cz/regosu - from the begining of September.


Card lost

You can block your card online or let it know to Card center. When you get new OSU card it is necessary to visit KC to read new card chip to store it to system.

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