Price list

Methods of payment

  • direct transfer via EPS using a bank card, bank transfer
  • univerzity cash desk (A126, cash desk) - cash, bank card
  • Card Center - cash only

New card (discounted rates)


P free when starting to study
I 150,- Kč when starting to study
As 150,- Kč when starting to study


Z free when starting to work
T 200,- Kč when starting to work
Az 200,-Kč when starting to work

Issue a duplicate of card in case of loss, theft or damage

Z 150,- Kč  
T 150,- Kč  
P 150,- Kč  
I 150,- Kč  
Az 150,- Kč  
As 150,- Kč  

I, T, As and Az card types does not include the price of the license (revalidation).

Card revalidation, ISIC, ITIC a ALIVE license

T 150,- Kč academics
P zdarma all active students
I 150,- Kč all full-time students
Az 150,- Kč nonacadmics
As 150,- Kč combined study students


    Z – VŠB-TUO identification card (staff)
    T – ITIC (international teacher card)
    P – student card
    I – ISIC (international student card)
   As – ALIVE for student
   Az – ALIVE for employee

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