System SafeQ is ready to serve you when you need to print, copy or scan your documents



  • 1.10.2017 - mobile print (documents uploads over web or email) is available from all devices (test mode). After document upload to server a transformation is started. It takes from several seconds to several minutes. You can't print before transformation finished.
  • 30.10.2015 - new version of SafeQ
  • 1.1.2014 - new, better prices for printing and copying on devices type 1-4
  • 10.9.2013 - old version of SafeQ Client (ySoftu) don't work - please install latest version!
  • 26.4.2013 - SafeQ support  mobile device printing using Google Cloud Print
  • 17.1.2013 - test version of java SafeQClient (prepared for non Windows Operation Systems)
  • 27.3.2009 - history of using reprographic system is available on this website


SafeQ admins

Ing. František Mlčoch (tel.: 3472), Ing. Petr Delong (tel.:  5355)
Questions, comments and problems can be inserted directly into the Helpdesk CIT system or sent it by email to 

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