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Mathematics on PC I

Course aims

The goal of this course is to introduce to students available
mathematical software.
This course can help the students to uderstant better the topics covered
in "Mathematics I" because of large number of
solved examples.
For a bachelor and/or a Engineer it is important not only to master the
theory but also to use mathematical software efficiently.


Kutzler B., Kokol-Voljc V.: Introduction to Derive 5., Texas Instuments,

Advised literature

Kreml, Pavel: Mathematics II, VŠB – TUO, Ostrava 2005, ISBN 80-248-0798-X

Harshbarger, Ronald; Reynolds, James: Calculus with Applications, D.C. Heath and
Company 1990, ISBN 0-669-21145-1 

Language of instruction
Code 310-2214
Abbreviation MnP1
Course title Mathematics on PC I
Coordinating department Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
Course coordinator Mgr. Zuzana Morávková, Ph.D.