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Walking Robots

Course aims

In this course, students will learn about walking locomotion subsystem of service robotic systems. They will learn how to design and dimension these bogies to the required environment. They will be acquainted with the possibility of driving walking service robots.


[1] MIRIPOUR, Behnam.. Climbing and walking robots. Vukovar, Croatia : InTech, 2010. ISBN: 978-953-307-030-8 
[2] Zhang H.. Climbing and Walking Robots: towards New Applications. Intechopen, 2007, ISBN 978-3-902613-16-5 

Advised literature

[1] AHN, Ho Seok.. Advances in service robotics. Croatia : In-Teh, 2008. ISBN 978-953-7619-02-2 

Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 354-0632
Abbreviation KR
Course title Walking Robots
Coordinating department Department of Robotics
Course coordinator doc. Ing. Zdenko Bobovský, PhD.