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Mathematical analysis III

Subject aims

This subject offers basic knowledges of vector analysis related to mathematical physics. The main goals are oriented to
- fundamental knowledges of mathematical analysis of vectorial functions,
- an use of differential operators in application problems,
- the appropriating of computational methods for curvilinear and surface integrals,
- an overview of main field theory aspects with relation to the solving of PDE.


MEJLBRO, L. Calculus 2b – Real Functions in Several Variables. ISBN 87-7681-206-5.

Advised literature

SPIEGEL, R. M., LIPSCHUTZ, S., SPELLMAN, D. Vector Analysis, 2nd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2009, ISBN 978-7161-545-7

AbbreviationMA III
Czech titleMatematická analýza III
English titleMathematical analysis III
Guaranteedoc. RNDr. Vlček Jaroslav, CSc.
Guarantee departmentDepartment of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
Language of teachingEnglish, Czech