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Products Certification

Subject aims

Product certification
The student who has completed this subject will:
- understand current perception of quality;
- be able to understand the basic economic context of quality management;
- be able to use the basic quality management techniques and tools;
- have basic knowledge of product certification and will be able to apply legislative requirement to products;
- be able to develop a EC Declaration of Conformity based on Module A.


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[2] SKALÍK, P. Attestation of conformity products.[online] 2007.
[3] Collection of Laws – law No.22/1997 Sb. in valid wording
[4] Set norms series ISO 9000

Advised literature

[1] PLURA, J. Planning and continuous quality improvement. Prague: Computer Press, 2001.
[2] HUTYRA, M. a kol. Management quality. Ostrava: VŠB-TUO, 2007

Czech titleCertifikace výrobků
English titleProducts Certification
GuaranteeIng. Libor Nečas, Ph.D.
Guarantee departmentDepartment of Mechanical Technology
Language of teachingCzech, English