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Students participating at mobility programmes must follow standard courses of foreign language delivered by the Department of Foreign Languages of VSB-TUO. Students can choose from a wide offer of languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian at different levels, from beginner’s to advanced. Students must achieve a sufficient level of language skills before the start of mobility. The University also offers a wide range of English courses for all University employees – teachers, researchers, administrative staff including study department services, library services, accommodation services etc. These courses are supported by PowerPoint presentations and Moodle applications.  Teachers can use special modules of technical English, prepared as a tutorial support for 63 subjects and include Moodle applications.

Incoming students can choose from the wide list of foreign languages and select language courses for their Learning Agreement. International students and staff can attend courses of Czech language that are organised during the semester and that are offered in two levels, beginners and elementary (this course is awarded 2 ECTS credits). Incoming staff can attend English courses, including courses of technical English, which are supported by Moodle applications.