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Do you want to find out how you can spend time during your stay in Ostrava? Ostrava is a mixture of events, theatres, sport, wild nightlife and a calm nature. There are many options what you can do. How about taking a journey with us? Exploring Ostrava, visiting Moravian-Silesian Region, spending the night out? Experience much more!


  • Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic with population over 300 000 inhabitants.
  • It is the capital of the Moravian-Silesian Region.
  • The Leoš Janáček International Airport Mošnov is only about 30 km from Ostrava.
  • How to get to Ostrava.
  • Download the map - Visit Ostrava!

Explore our region!

Get entertained!

  • Do you want to find yourself at place full of festivals and events? Ostrava is the best choice for you then!
  • There is a wide range of festivals and events taking place throughout the entire year.
  • Ostrava is an international city and you can visit events with a closer look to other countries which Ostrava wants to introduce to you, from Poland through Ireland, France to Korea, and many more.
  • On the one hand cultural and sport events and on the other hand film and music festivals are held in Ostrava, including Majáles VŠB-TUO.
  • The most famous festivalColors of Ostrava” - an annual international multi-genre music festival which has over 16 stages, with more than 300 concerts, theatres, movies, workshops and discussions.
  • NATO Days – come to see a unique presentation of the field of security provision to the public, showing heavy military hardware, rescue equipment, and much more.
  • Do you want to spend time with international students? Would like to get improve your dance skills? How about learning new language in an informal way? Having excursions in prosper companies? You can do all these ESN activities with more international students and with Buddies. These volunteers will be your first Czech friends and they will accompany you during these activities and help you during your stay. JOIN ESN ACTIVITIES
  • Coming up with business ideas which you would like to share and develop? Come with your team to KOVORK! A place devoted to support networking, start up development and improvement.

Get active!

  • You can choose from spa resorts and baths, through planetarium, museums, to mountain walks, cycling, swimming and adrenaline sport.
  • Visit Fit Centre of the Department of Physical Education or Aerobic hall at the dormitories.
  • Do you like indoor sports? Besides VŠB-TUO sport facilities you can also visit Karolina Triple Hall. It doesn’t matter if you like adrenaline, water or winter sports. Experience wide variety of fun activities in Ostrava and Moravian-Silesian Region in all four seasons.
  • If you prefer rather visiting and watching a sporting spectacle, visit Ostrava Golden Spike – an annual athletic meeting, attended by all stars, including the top of the Czech Athletics, who arrive in Ostrava always in great shape.

Bars and restaurants

  • Ostrava offers a number of bars and restaurants in all parts of the city from those fancy ones to small local diners.
  • Anyone can find here one’s cup of tea.
  • Do you know what is “frgál”, “štramberské uši”, “stryky”, “kyselica”? Taste these traditional delicious meals!
  • Do you prefer international cuisine? Get tips where to eat from Yogblog.

And the beat goes on…

  • Do you like nightlife? Do you like dancing, partying, or just chatting with your friends?
  • Then you should definitely come to Stodolní street! The street that never sleeps.
  • You have loads of choices if you want to go to clubs, bars or restaurants.
  • Stodolní is a concentration of fun on one street.

Come and see what Ostrava and Moravian-Silesian Region can offer. Let your studies at VŠB-TUO be enriched with enriching enjoyments. 

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