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We cooperate with important partners with whom we mutually support each other’s interests for over long periods of time. Thanks to these partners, we are able to improve. In 2018, we cooperated with more than 1,300 different external entities with revenues of over CZK 170 million. Moreover, the development is very dynamic, as confirmed by the chart below.

Most substantively, IT4Innovations national supercomputing centre cooperates with different companies, mainly in the form of scientific research projects.

Ing. Břetislav Stacho, Ph.D. (Senior Power System Engineer and external member of VSB-TUO Industrial Board, ABB Operation Center)


We have been cooperating with VSB - Technical University of Ostrava for almost the entire existence of ABB Operation Center in Ostrava, which has been operating in Ostrava for almost 20 years. Quality of the graduates is a key factor for us, and therefore our technical experts are involved in teaching at VŠB-TUO by means of thematic lectures especially in the Department of Electrical Power Engineering. Mutual synergy is going on in the area of bachelor and diploma theses too.

State of the art laboratories are an integral part of the quality of technical education. ABB is glad to take part in their modernization, including involvement in the creation of new laboratory tasks. It is for example high voltage laboratory as well as laboratories of power plants and electrical machines and apparatus.

Cooperation in research and development is represented by projects under Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, which ABB operates as application guarantor and takes part in development of sophisticated systems for control of process equipment or control of power flow in electrical networks.

Innovations and development are an integral part of ABB all around the world, and we really appreciate that we can participate in this in Ostrava in cooperation with VSB-TUO too and thus contribute to mutual goal which is to increase attractiveness of technical fields of study and professions. I believe that this long-term cooperation will go on and develop.

Ing. Ivo Žižka (board member and director of human resources and external relations, Třinecké železárny)


We have been successfully cooperating with VSB - Technical University of Ostrava for many years. Our cooperation focuses primarily on research and development, which particularly benefits our production, and has been very valuable to us for a long period of time. Our cooperation has been progressively changing its focus towards education in two main respects. Firstly, our experts have the possibility to influence the content of study programmes at the university (directly or through membership in the scientific, industrial or management board), they participate in teaching in the form of thematic lectures. Secondly, academics educate our current and, above all, future employees. Together, we cooperate on lectures for secondary and elementary schools in order to popularise technical education. Our long-term cooperation is a prime example of a partnership between a university and a large enterprise.

Ing. Jan Přikryl Ph.D. (head of technical service at PRECHEZA a.s.)


Our partnership began in 1998 researching the mechanics of bulk materials produced by our company. Over time, our cooperation was extended to several other workplaces. For example, from 2006 - 2009 we co-developed photocatalytic composites at the Centre of Nanotechnologies. Then, from 2014 – 2017, we were focused on the development of friction composites at the Regional materials science and technology centre. At the Department of Chemistry, in the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, we had the opportunity to lead and critique diploma theses from 2016 - 2017. The "Verification of the possibility of separation of titanium compounds" project was carried out at the Institute of Clean Technologies for Mining and Utilization of Raw Materials for Energy Use in the Faculty of Mining and Geology from 2017 -2018. Furthermore, at the Bulk Solids Centre within the ENET Centre, we have been measuring the properties of bulk materials since 1998.

The above shows that VSB-TUO is not only a long-term partner, but also a reliable one, which offers a wide background of support for solving a wide range of issues. We work together to develop the field of industrial chemistry, not only through education, but also through numerous public events, which are traditionally organised by VSB-TUO.

Long-term partners

Major partners according to the level of cooperation from 2016 - 2018