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Research and Development is integral to the activities of VSB-TUO. The University’s science and research strategy is based on four fundamental pillars:

  • Engineering and Technology
    Electrical / Mechanical / Materials / Civil / Safety and Security / Biomedical and Biomechanical / Environmental and Brownfields Management / Chemical / Geological / Geodesy and Geoinformatics / Automotive / Acoustical / Transport Technology and Technics / Nanotechnology / Additive Technology
  • Computer Science and Cyber Physical Systems
    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Computer Vision and Image Processing / Software and Process Engineering / High-Performance Computing / High-Performance Data Analysis / Computational and Applied Mathematics / Industry 4.0 / Robotics
  • Energy and Raw Materials
    Renewable Energy / Energy Accumulation / High-Capacity Storage Systems / Artificial Intelligence in Energy Management / Energy Diagnostics / Electromobility / Energy Raw Materials and Their Processing
  • Economic and Financial Processes
    Economics / Finance / Management Science / Business Administration

Contact person

The contact person for the area of research and development is the Vice Rector for Science and Research Prof. Mgr. Jana Kukutschová, Ph.D.