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VSB-TUO utilises several research centres across these fundamental pillars, partially funded by the European Structural and Investing Funds, including IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre (IT4I), CENET  (a centre for research into the use of alternative and sustainable energy), and several other research centres which are listed below.

VSB-TUO research centres include

Institute of Environmental Technology (IET)

IT4 Innovations - National Supercomputing Centre

IT4I operates the biggest supercomputing facility in the Czech Republic. The Euro HPC petascale system, to be installed in 2020, is among the most powerful HPC systems in Europe. The facilities of IT4I are currently used by researchers from all university departments for demanding computational tasks such as 3-D modelling of floods and natural disasters, modelling of real-time traffic situations across the entire Czech Republic, and designing the aerodynamic properties of vehicles.

Institute of Clean Technologies for Mining and Utilization of Raw Materials for Energy Use (ICT)

The Regional Materials Science and Technology Centre (RMSTC)

Energy Research Center (ERC)

Nanotechnology Centre (CNT)

Center for Advanced and Innovative Technologies (CAIT)

Energy Units for Utilization of Non-Traditional Energy Sources (CENET)

CENET conducts applied interdisciplinary research into the field of next generation and alternative energy. CENET has unique laboratory facilities and equipment. It is staffed with experienced researchers who work on the development of secure and reliable energy platforms to ensure energy self-sufficiency and raw material self-reliance within a region or country. This is motivated by efforts to make an effective use of waste, and exploitation of local renewable resources. The concept is supported by energy accumulation methods to control energy flow and the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence. The research and development at CENET is in accordance with national and EU energy concepts, and ranks among technologies of Industry 4.0.

Contributing new technologies

VSB-TUO consists of a healthy ecosystem of research centers and R&D workplaces, which also transfer technologies from the lab into the commercial sphere.

The commercialization of science and achievements

In the area of commercialising the results of R&D, we specialize in supporting the practical use of R&D outputs and in bringing new incentives for basic and applied research. Activities in this area include also the training of scientists in the areas of commercialisation, organising expert consultations, seminars, workshops, etc.