ICP is a dedicated care centre for information and assistance to international students and academics at the University. We're here to help! 


International Students and Academics Support Services

VSB-TUO is home to International Contact Point for international students and academics. International Contact Point is an office and meeting space dedicated to providing assistance services. It acts as a help-desk for services such as duties after arrival, visa/residence, work permission, intermediation of tax consulting, healthcare assistance, dealing with insurance companies and a variety of other issues. Besides assistance on specific matters, International Contact Point helps give students and academics the peace of mind in knowing they have a dedicated advocate and single place to go to help solve problems and realize opportunities on both the campus and the community at large.


When are we available?

For quick questions you are welcome to stop by, though it's a good idea to call or email before.

Office hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 1:30pm at C110.


International Contact Point

We're here for you!

Contacts, maps, parking

Maps and other useful information on how to contact us and arrive on campus.