Highlights of April

A mission to Japan, the Czech Rectors Conference, Certificate for the Faculty of Economics

The technological mission composed of the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Prof. RNDr. Václav Snášel, CSc.  and representatives of Czech firms. They left to Japan on the 1st May. They visited research and development centres in capital city Tokyo, Ósaka, Cukuba and Nagoya. The main objective of the mission was to present the Czech progress in the solutions for the Industry 4.0.

140th Czech Rectors Conference took place in the middle of April at the new Assembly Hall of VŠB-TUO.

The Faculty of Economics received, as a fourth one in the Czech Republic, a certificate from CFA Institute. The Institute focuses on ethical behaviour in the financial market and it tries to make the environment where investors’ interests are at the first place. Students from the Department of Finance could get a scholarship to get the certificate.

The 22nd year of the Students Creative and Professional Activities was successful for our students. Competition is divided into five sections: applied informatics, robotic systems, and automatic systems of conducting, HW and SW applications and measuring and diagnostic systems. Each category declares three best projects. Seven students from VŠB-TUO were successful. Congratulations.

And another student success came at the end of April. There students from the Faculty of Economics took first three places in the 24th year of competition called Manager of Year. The main objective was to write an essay on topic Digital society. We are very happy that success in this competition became a tradition for our students and we hope they will succeed next year as well!

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