Highlights of May

Graduation of University of the Third Age, a new helper to civil engineers, student success and non-smoking area

In mid-May The Faculty of Mining and Geology had a graduation for their students of the Third Age. The Third Age means that students are older people than is the usual student-age. Most of them are already retired and they are still interested in education and self-improvement. Except the Faculty of Mining and Geology the programmes for students of the Third Age are also run at the Faculty of Economics.

Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering came up with an interesting idea. Builders have to record all the processes on the building site each day. Adam Michalec and Jan Fuksa figured out the problem of having more paper construction diaries. They connected it to one electronic diary called Buldeo. The information could be shared faster and more effectively. The whole administrative process is much easier.  The students want to launch the Buldeo on the Czech and also foreign markets.

It is almost a tradition that each year students from the Faculty of Economics are successful in competition called Manažerem nanečisto (Trial Manager). The main aim is to examine students´ managerial competences. Teams of two students are playing a simulative game in virtual environment where they have to strategically lead the firm and beat the competition. The team of Veronika Křížková and Aleš Horčička won the contest and Kateřina Bělocká with Gabriela Dohnalová were ranked third. Congratulations.

And a little bit of administration at the end. Since 31st of May a new law came into force. From this date all the restaurants and bars and also public transport stops in the Czech Republic are non- smoking areas. This ban is also valid for the whole university ground, which now also became a non-smoking area.

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