Embedded Software Engineer at Ultimaker (Xelvin)

Xelvin, Dutch international recruitment company, is looking for an experienced Python Developer for one of our client Ulrimaker.

What will your team look like?
You will be working with talented software developers, software testers, UX designers, and product owners, helping create the best software products. We set the bar high, and we want you to help us get there.

What have we worked on recently?
We release new versions of our firmware and 3D slicing software (Cura) every other month to offer new innovations to our customers. We are busy creating a new product that will help our customers get even more out of their printers.

Náplň práce

What will you be doing?
As an embedded software engineer, you will be working on the firmware of our printers. You will work closely with software engineers and other R&D disciplines to create awesome products. Our software team is an extremely enthusiastic and motivated team, so you’ll need to fit seamlessly into that working environment. It is your responsibility to write excellent code and unit tests and help refine user stories. With creative solutions, you contribute to the solutions we implement in our products. Your duties include the following:

  • Review code from peers
  • Test code from peers
  • Work intensively with your Scrum team members
  • Join the daily standup meetings and demos
  • Help create awesome software

What will your day in the office look like?
During the morning standup, you touch base with your team and discuss who will do what and whether someone needs your help. You work on developing a new feature for a couple of hours, and then it’s already lunch time. Over lunch in the canteen, you hear about a cool new 3D model. You plan to 3D print it later at home. Afterwards, you have a meeting with a couple of developers to discuss the functionality of a very cool new feature. Before you leave for home, you review some code from one of your peers.


Do you fit this profile?

  • Bachelor’s degree in computing, computer science, engineering, or a similar field, with a minimum of three years’ relevant working experience
  • Experience in a similar position within embedded software development or, preferably, product development
  • Affiliation with manufacturing techniques and subsequent fields of expertise like mechanics
  • Strong eye for detail
  • A proactive, passionate, and inventive attitude
  • A flexible attitude and the capability to work under pressure
  • A productive attitude for working toward solutions
  • Experience in working with technical teams; colleagues from different backgrounds
  • Good communication skills in English

Definitely a plus

  • Experience with Scrum/agile is preferred
  • Experience with JIRA and GitHub
  • Experience with 3D printing


Dana Mykytiuk

M: +31651205167
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dana-mykytiuk-0b252790/
E  : b.mykytiuk@xelvin.nl
I   : www.xelvin.nl

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