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Career Centre VSB - Technical University of Ostrava 

We motivate others to work on themselves. We are aware of the fact that it takes a lot of effort and time but we believe in everyone's potential and we want others to see it too. It is vital to be able to show one's value and suceed on the job market. We care about our students' careers but we also want to help those who aim to become successful entrepreneurs. Our Career Centre can easily get you in contact with colleagues from the GREEN LIGHT project, GREEN LIGHT is one of the most comprehensive programmes for people who want to start their own business.


Besides the Career Centre, there are also programmes supporting business and entrepreneurship skills. For instance, GREEN LIGHT - acceleration programme which helps young creative people to start their own business. The programme is originally held in the Czech language but it is possible to create bilingual teams (Czech and English speaking members). For more details, please, contact GREEN LIGHT coordinator Tereza Muckova on: .

The University

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava has a long history in high quality engineering and it belongs among the leading Czech and European technical and economic universities. The study programmes have a long tradition, going back more than 165 years, nevertheless they keep the pace with today's technologies and the needs of industry.

  • 7 faculties
  • 14 993 students
  • 122 study programmes from which 77 are in foreign languages
  • Newly built research centers 
  • High-quality equipment in labs, pavilions and classrooms 
  • One of the greatest university campuses in the Central Europe