First day at the dormitory


(or in other words: your  First Day  in the Student Halls of Residence)

Before you enter to the Accommodation office

Prepare your passport or ISIC card, 1 photo, permission to direct debit from your current account and document proving your payment of the deposit, if you already paid it.
After entering the Accommodation office you will be invited to submit your identity documents, and photo. We will check your identity, hand over the keys and issue your Accommodation Contract and Dormitory Card.

Dormitory Card (DC) is necessary to submit every time you enter the building!

After picking up the key and your DC you will go to the Rental of beddings…

The Rental of beddings is situated on the ground floor of the building C, entrance door is located between the elevator and the reception. Here your will show your DC and get bed clothes, eventually a bed-cover. The bed clothes shall be changed according the schedule published on the notice boards in your building or on internet pages, usually every three weeks. Please bring your DC with you every time you visit the Rental of beddings.

You have obtained the bed-clothes. And now you will go to your  room

The room number is stated on your DC, e.g. C219, i.e. building C, 2nd floor and door with the number 219. The keys that you got are for entering the corridor door, then for the inner door of the room and eventually for the wardrobe etc. Number of the keys can be different in each building according to the equipment of the room. Do not lose the key!!! In the case of losing the key, you shall pay a penalty and fee for changing the lock in amount of 1.700,00 CZK.

You are in your  room. Is everything all right?...

After entering your room, check the equipment of the room, the corridor, the bathroom and the toilet. Is everything all right? If you find any problem, report it to the Accommodation clerk, your housekeeper or write at:
If you don’t do so, you can be asked to pay all the later found damage and defects.
When you move your things to the room, use space reasonably and remember that you will have 2 or 3 roommates.

Single accommodation

You can also apply for single accommodation. If the capacity allows, this might be assign to you. This is an additional service in case we have enough spaces available. For this reason it cannot be arrange in advance but can be arranged after moving in, if possible.

You have a room with the internet connection and you would like to use it

The buildings A, B, C, D, E have the internet connection. Information how to activate the plugs can be found at our website: The first step is having the "Students ID" created at the card centre in the main university building.
  • At the office you have received, among other, Guidelines to ensure the safety and health and fire prevention for the persons staying in the dorms VŠB-TUO.
  • Kindly, read them very carefully in order to avoid penalties and other troubles. We would like to inform you that the whole area of university campus including the Hall of Residence area is non smoking. Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking-rooms. Please, keep SILENCE at night from 11 pm. to 6 am. and keep your rooms CLEAN and tidy.  

Payment for accommodation

Accommodation is paid for the previous month (e.g. in October you pay for September). There are also some additional charges for services (like washing, visitor in rooms, penalties etc.) therefore we are unable to calculate the exact price in advance. But you can input some amount of money in advance if you like and the system will reduce the amount regularly every month according to the exact price.

The deadline for making the payment for current month is the 15th of following month. After this date you will be charged a penalty for late payment of 500 CZK.

You can pay by credit cards, by bank transaction (please note this can take a few days so be careful about the deadline) and in cash.  The payment in cash is charged 50 CZK. The most convenient method of payment is credit debit service arranged via czech bank account (in czech "INKASO").

Services you can use...

Laundry/dryer rooms - each building. The key is at the reception. You must submit your DC.

The charge: 
  • Laundry: 40 CZK / for 1 hour / in cash or from account  
  • Permanent “Laundry card”: 360 CZK / for 10 hours / in cash at the receptions
  • Study rooms, Smoking- rooms
  • Fitness centers, gyms, ping-pong
  • Lending of the vacuum cleaner, irons
  • Snack-bar, pizzeria
Most of these services are provided by the receptions.
We wish you pleasant stay and study success…
Your Accommodation Services

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