Housing prices

Accommodation of students

These changes to prices for housig of students are valid as of September 1, 2018 (furhter information here)
Building Type of accommodation Price for accommodation with a regular bed in CZK including VAT
At full occupancy (basic rate) 1 bed unoccupied (dynamic rate) 2 beds unoccupied (dynamic rate)
per bed daily per bed daily per bed daily
A Triple room 80 90 100
Double room 89 99 -
A (renovated rooms) Triple room 96 106 116
Double room 103 113 -
B (renovated rooms) Triple room 92 102 112
Double room 99 109 -
C D E Double room 89 99 -

The accommodation price is established per bed per day. Fee will be calculated according times to daily rate and to the actual number of days in the given month. The price includes use of the rooms with equipment and accessories, use of common areas, accommodation services and use of internet connection. Internet is granted only for students VSB-TUO and OU also, which was assigned an identification number by the IC card center VSB-TUO (hereinafter referred to as ID).

Resident will pay accommodation fee for entire month except the month in which the student enters into accommodation. In this month accommodation is paid as of the date of validity of the accommodation contract. If approved request for accommodation according to the deadlines and booking of the accommodation place, the last decisive date of the commencement of the accommodation contract is start day of the school year.

In case of changes to the occupancy of the room, the change in the price of accommodation will be manifested from the date of change (dynamic rate), this means that, the date changes to the accommodation contract (change room) or on the date of termination of the contract of a rommate. In the case of a change in the occupancy of rooms can ask the tenant to change contracts for accommodation in Accommodation office:

- moving to another room

- a request to leave a free space in the room

In the period July-September dynamic rates for calculation of dormitory fee according to occupancy of the room are not valid, i.e. the price for accommodation is determined as the price during full occupancy of the room (basic rate).

From the 1st of October the basic rate changes to the dynamic rate (according to the occupancy of the room). The fee for single accommodation is then added to this dynamic rate.

Individual requirements for occupancy rooms (leaving space in the room)

Individual requirements for occupancy rooms will be addressed at the written request of the guest or at the joint request of two residents. Applications will be accepted only if the capacity of dormitory dont be full.
For requesting unoccupied space, the price according to the point 1.1, corresponding to the current room occupancy, will increase by the following amounts:
- Double room for one vacancy                       20 CZK / day / accommodated
- in a triple room for 1 vacancy                        10 CZK / day / every accommodated
- in a triple room for 2 vacancies                     40 CZK / day / accommodated

Example: Student requires a separate accommodation in a double room in the building C. The price consists of the price of accommodation with 1 bed unpoccupied and the increased amount due to the separate accommodation requirement, please see the above prices, i.e.

Total price / day = 99 CZK / day + 20 CZK /day = 3570 CZK /month (30 days)

How to pay dormitory?

1. Direct debit - Direct debit is cashless payment, in which the payer´s account (Tenant) to the beneficiary (the owner) transferred amount, the amount of which is determined by the actual recipient himself of the obligation of the payer to the recipient.

Direct debit payments are always on the first business day of the following month for the amount in the account accommodated student maintained in the information system AT-koleje. Account balance can be had on the website https://www.vsb.cz/ubytovani/en/about-dormitory/ after logging into the information system AT-koleje (http://iskoleje.vsb.cz/atkoleje/). Resident logs on with their assigned personal number (eg. Abc1234) and password.

Permission to make accommodated collection of your account based on any banking institution in the Czech Republic in the account of the Housing Services VSB-TU Ostrava, kept at ČSOB, a.s., bank account number: 167 353 879/0300.

Proof of debit shall be given to the accommodation office workers.

Permission to direct debit payments must have the following parameters:

  • Payee account number: 167 353 879/0300 (Československá obchodní banka, a.s.)
  • Limit: at least 5000,- CZK

2. Payment online via an electronic payment system VŠB-TUO (EPS) - EPS supports several methods of payment (two payment gateways GPE and PayU):

  • Credit card VISA, MasterCard when using 3D Secure solution from GPE according to international safety standards
  • fast online transfer for mBank, KB, ePlatby (Raiffeisen bank), GE Money Bank, Volksbank, Fio bank from PayU
  • other payments - bank transfer, postal order, SuperCASH from PayU

To access the system you need to login.

3. Payment terminal - payment by credit cards at the Accommodation office.

4. Payment in cash - for a handling fee of 50,- CZK at the Accommodation office.

5. Bank transfer - to the bank account: 167 353 879/0300, variable symbol (VS) is a native student number without the slash character. Foreign students VS assigns staff accommodation office.

Bank details for payments from abroad

ČSOB, a.s., Account no.: 167 353 879/0300
IBAN CZ9803000000000167353879
Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (SWIFT: CEKOCZPP)

Account holder: Vysoká škola báňská-Technická univerzita Ostrava

Bank address: ČSOB, a.s., Radlická 33/150, 150 57 Praha 5

The client must pay the housing and services receivables of the relevant month by the 15th of the next month at the latest, it means that the payment must in other words be credited that day on the bank account of the Accommodation services VŠB-TUO or paid by bank card or in cash at the Accommodation office. In the case of non-payment by the 15th of the following month the Accommodation services are entitled to charge a penalty for late payment of 500,- CZK.


  • Foreign students except students from the Slovak republic pay the security deposit of 5000 CZK
  • Students from the Slovak republic pay the security deposit of 3000 CZK

Bank details for payments of deposit from abroad

ČSOB, a.s., Account No.: 155 472 969/0300 
IBAN CZ4203000000000155472969 
Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (SWIFT: CEKOCZPP)

Account holder: Vysoká škola báňská-Technická univerzita Ostrava

Bank address: ČSOB, a.s., Radlická 33/150, 150 57 Praha 5

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