Last day at the dormitory

When can you move out from the residence?

You can move out after termination of all formalities at your students department, only under this condition your deposit will be returned. Moving out from the residence is possible ONLY on working days from Monday to Friday no later than 11 am. Please, plan your departure during the week not fot the weekend! It is necessary to arrange everything what is needed during the opening hours of each department office. Please check the opening hours of housekeeping, the Rental of beddings, the Accommodation office and the Cash office. Please find out the opening hours in the link below.

You have to prove that your studying program has terminated. You can get the form for the confirmation of completion of study in the Accommodation office or at your faculty. The form has to be confirm by your faculty. Your coordinator can also send us a confirmation´s email.

Moving out card..

You will receive the moving out card from  housekeeping, building manager or from the staff in the Accommodation office. It is a document showing that you have everything in order and you can move out.

Rental of beddings..

You will return  bed sheets, covers or blankets you have borrowed from us to the Rental of beddings (building C, ground floor). Please return the bed sheets to the Rental of beddings also in case you exceptionally received them at the reception on the day of your arrival. If the beddings is in order, worker of the Rental of beddings will confirm your return on your dormitory card. Otherwise you will be prompted to pay all damage in cash in the Accommodation office (ground floor, building B).

Room checking..

Before moving out you have to clean the room according to the residence regulations (TUO_LEG_07_07). It means - clean furniture and floors in the room, clean bathroom, kitchen including the fridge. You will hand over your tidy room to your floor housekeeper and she will signed the moving out card for you. In case of any damage you will be asked to remove it, otherwise it will be written in your moving out card. With this ticket you have to go to the Accommodation office.

Overview of housekeepers assigned to clean floors HERE.

Your housekeeper signs you your moving out card on weekdays:

Monday-Thursday: 6,30 am. - 2,00 pm.

Friday:                  6,30 am. - 11,30 am.

Enter into the Accommodation office..

You have to give to accommodation officer your dormitory card, moving out card, keys of your room and also transmit the confirmation of completion of study. Finded defects or lost of your keys wil be fully charged into your card and you will be asked by accommodation officer to pay for your debts in cash. In case, that you are ending your accommodation earlier then its written in your accommodation contract, you will need to fill the official release form of the accommodation contract, which you can find at:


Cash of the accommodation services ..

In cash, you can pay for all your standing debts which you have made trough your accommodation (accommodation fees, services fees, claims), afterwards we give you back your deposit. In case, that you have accommodation for next year, the deposit will be automatically taken over into to next academic year. In case of contract cancellation (earlier than the contract states) will be your deposit taken off as the damage for early cancellation.

Please note that any termination of the accommodation contract which do not correspond to the termination of your studies means you will not be given your deposit back. This issue would be a premature termination of the contract. 

You can only take your deposit back IN THE CASH OFFICE after returning signed moving out card, dormitory card (with stamp from the Laundry office proving you have returned the bed sheets) and key.


               Thank you for your staying at dormitory and we wish you a lot of success in future...

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