Hostels and mensas VŠB-TU Ostrava, Studentská 1770, 700 32 Ostrava-Poruba

Ing. Jan Stoniš - accommodation officer
+420 597 32 6155

Housing and social facilities offers as follows below:

  • accomodation in 1 and 2 single bed rooms and evenly in apartment equipped with high standard furniture,
  • capacity of 3000 persons during summertime vacations and besides summertime vacations 115 persons,
  • standard equipment full social facilities within either of rooms,
  • gymnasiums, gyms boosters, table tennis halls, tennis courts, minigolf, hothouse, hairdressing, cosmetics, massages,
  • lecture halls, halls for personnel and university staff training, hall equipped with amenities, lounges, night club, wine bar
  • low-prices high standards offerings.

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