Article 1 Basic Statement

The operational rules are connected with the outdoor areas belonging to VŠB-TUO, Housing Services and Meals Services, ul. Studentská 1770/1, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba, IČ: 61989100.

Article 2 Operations in the outdoor playing areas of the golf course

The above-mentioned outdoor playing areas are available daily from 2 pm to 10 pm over the course of the months April-October for students accommodated in the halls of residence at Ostrava-Poruba as well as the general public. Outside of this established operational period, access to the playing areas is only allowed to students accommodated at the halls of residence in Ostrava-Poruba from 9.00 am. Entrance will be open upon request by receptionist of building E.

Operations of the grilling area

The above-mentioned spaces designated for grilling are located on the miniature golf grounds and are accessible for students accommodated at the halls of residence at Ostrava-Poruba from 2 pm to 9 pm over the course of the months April-October, during the operation of mini-folg (staff will be present at mini-golf). Outside the office hours and a distance of 4 metres from the mini golf is grilling prohibited under the penalty of 500 CZK. 

Further regulations

  1. The Student Union of VŠB-TUO is responsible for the operations of the outdoor playing areas including the spaces designated for grilling. This includes cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Cutting of the grass, maintenance of the green surfaces and removal of rubbish is provided by VŠB-TUO staff, Housing Services.
  2. The following items are forbidden on the outdoor surfaces:

    - Motorized and other vehicles (vehicles for maintaining the grass surfaces, plants and repairs of golf equipment are an exception)
    - No dogs allowed or other animals apart from permitted animals in accordance with the Rules of the Halls of Residence of VŠB-TUO, Housing Services.
    - Camp fires and open fires apart from the designated areas.
    - Harming the areas of the outdoor playing surfaces.
    - Damaging the equipment, public greenery (trees, bushes, lawn).
    - Damaging stairs, benches, information signs, to enter the mini-golf track.
    - Using intoxicating or psychotropic substances.
    - Using golf equipment for other purposes and other reasons than those designated.
    - Tents and camping out.
    - Use of the equipment in cases when the damage is apparent, or if the damage to the equipment is clearly indicated.
  3. Responsibilities when grilling and with a camp fire:
    - Start fires and have open fires only in the designated pits
    - Only grill on grills in direct proximity to these pits
    - Place the extinguished ashes from the grilling only in the pits
    - Users must maintain order and cleanliness and place rubbish into the rubbish bins

Article 3 Final Statements

  1. These operational rules apply to all those who spend time on these public areas.
  2. The staff and employees of VŠB-TUO supervise the operations of these outdoor areas.
  3. Operator and authorized employees of accommodation office VŠB-TUO are entitled to collect a fine for breaking these rules.
  4. These operational rules come into effect as of the 23rd of April 2012.

               Marie Stonišová                                                                       Jaroslava Kořená
Director of the Housing Services of VŠB-TUO                                     President of SUS VŠB-TUO


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