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Numerical methods and statistics

Subject aims

The aim of this course is to acquaint students with the numerical solution of mathematical problems and with the basic methods of analysing statistical data. The main accent lays in explanations of fundamental principles of methods so that the students should know to choose appropriate methods for problems arising in the other courses of the study or in the technical practice. An important ingredient of the course consists in the algorithmic implementation of methods and in the utilization of existing computer programms for numerical computations and statistical analyses.

The graduate of this course should know:

• to recognize problems suitable for solving by numerical procedures and to find an appropriate numerical method;
• to decide whether the computed solution is sufficiently accurate and, in case of need, to assess reasons of inaccuracies;
• to propose an algorithmic procedure for solving the problem and to choice a suitable computer environment for its realization.


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Advised literature

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Czech titleNumerické metody a statistika
English titleNumerical methods and statistics
Guaranteeprof. RNDr. Kučera Radek, Ph.D.
Guarantee departmentDepartment of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
Language of teachingEnglish, Czech