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Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study at VSB-TUO

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Changes in crisis measures

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VSB - Technical University of OStrava RANKED 201-300 for SDF7: Affordable and Clean Energy in THE Impact Rankings 2021

We are VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava draws on 170 years of research and academic excellence to provide world class education in 7 Faculties offering Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, and exchange programmes to students from six continents. State of the art research facilities, cooperation with leading companies, and partnerships with universities and research institutions the world over provide excellent opportunities for student, teachers, and researchers alike.

Faculty of Mining and Geology

Faculty of Mining and Geology uniquely fuses natural sciences together with technical and economical fields of study, and its history dates back to 1716, at the time this mining university was established, being one of the oldest in Europe. This faculty currently has more than 4,000 students, studying fields ranging from geology and geoinformatics to mining and environmental studies. The Faculty actively cooperates with many Czech and foreign universities, research institutions and companies. Its multi-disciplinary approach is evident from its research and educational characteristics, where the scope of studies not only supports practical applications of knowledge, but also emphasizes a creative and innovative approach to education, science and research.

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Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology is, as of October 2018, the new title of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Its very beginnings date back to the foundation of the University in 1849 when it was an integral part of the then expertise in mining and metallurgy and highly developped local industry. For more than 60 years the Faculty has been providing well-educated and qualified graduates in the field of metallurgical industry as well as materials engineering, chemical technologies, heat technology and industrial ceramics, economics and management in metallurgy, quality management, automation and management of industrial systems and environment protection. The Faculty does basic and applied research and is a reliable partner to a wide range of industrial sectors in consultation and research areas. ​ 

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Innovations that move the world. Graduates who can choose from various job offers. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering keeps up with the fast pace of modern times, which makes it a place where unique technical solutions are created and where young engineers are educated in the most desirable disciplines of the present. They can also participate in projects such as the design of the student formula or the construction of the autonomous robot RoverOva. Cooperation with industry enables the transfer of innovations into practice and provides students with experience which is appreciated not only by themselves but also by future employers. According to them, the graduates are perfectly prepared for the practice, for which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering won the Silver Medal Award in the “School recommended by employers” survey.

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Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is one of the largest faculties of economics in the Czech Republic, with approximately 3,000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. The faculty offers a wide range of study opportunities in cooperation with many international partners. Students have the opportunity to spend part of their studies abroad at prestigious universities, whether under the Erasmus+ programme, or the Double Degree programme. The faculty also offers an MBA degree programme in cooperation with John Moores University in Liverpool. Graduates find employment in the fields of management, marketing, business, financial sector, public administration, but also as IT specialists.

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Since its establishment in 1991 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has been an important partner in the successful transformation of the industrial economy of the region. The Faculty works closely with the business sector, both on the level of research and on the level of education in the form of providing internships for students, as these internships provide an efficient combination of theoretical and practical education. Demand for its graduates has been recorded not only from the Czech IT companies and businesses from the automotive industry, but also from some foreign companies. The campus houses the National Supercomputer Centre IT4Innovations that offers students of the Faculty a unique opportunity for research and for their applications in practice.

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Faculty of Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Civil Engineering conducts research and provides general education in areas concerned with civil engineering, construction and architecture. At the same time the Faculty offers courses in fields which derive from expertise acquired from the needs of our region, well-known for its high concentration of mining and heavy industry. Graduates from the Faculty of Civil Engineering are sought-after experts for the positions of the engineers and architects in the field of construction and in related industries, at architectural firms, at building authorities and other organizations. This Faculty offers full-time and part-time forms of study in 10 fields, aiming its research at industrial activities, the production of building materials, and also at geotechnics.

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Faculty of Safety Engineering

The Faculty of Safety Engineering is a promising faculty that offers unique fields of studies focused on safety engineering and fire protection. In the Czech Republic this faculty is of one of its kind, and therefore its graduates are sought after by experts both in public administration and in the private sector. The core activity of the Faculty of Safety Engineering is focused on expert and consultancy activities, pedagogical activities or contracted research. In particular the above stated activities are provided by this Faculty in the fields of population protection, occupational safety and processes, the prevention of major accidents, the protection of the critical infrastructure, and last but not least, the safety of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

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