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STUDENT MODE is a concept for facilitating visa procedure for a specific group of students from selected third countries. It helps an applicant seeking a long-term residence permit/visa for the purpose of studies access the relevant embassy quicker.

The Student Mode is administered through Higher Education Institutions which nominate their students for the Student Mode.

NEW RULES for the Student Mode nominations of full-degree students in effect as of 1 December 2023:

  1. The university is obliged to provide appropriate evidence that the students has taken an entrance exam as part of the admission process (e.g. with a decision on admission to study, if this information is part of it).
  2. The university is obliged to verify that the student has sufficient knowledge of the language in which the teaching will take place. The student proves his/her knowledge of the language with an internationally recognized certificate according to CEFR or by taking an exam organized by the given university or other institution authorized to conduct language exams.
  3. The university is obliged to nominate only students who have completed their previous studies less than three years ago.

Note: The new rules don´t apply to freemovers.

The precondition for being enrolled in the Student Mode:

With respect to the new rules introduced by the Ministries without any due time for the university to adjust to them and implement them (the rules of the admission procedure cannot be changed once the admission process is under way), VSB – Technical University of Ostrava shall nominate only those students which have been admitted to study in the academic year 2024/2025 based on an entrance exam. At the same time these students have to comply with rules no.2 and no.3 (see above).

All the other third-country students, i.e. those admitted to study at VSB-TUO without passing an entrance exam, have to apply for visa by themselves. 

Foreing students willing to study a Czech study programme can find information on Student Mode in Czech language here: Režim student 

DEADLINES for Student Mode nominations in 2024

19 January, 16 February, 8 and 22 March, 5 and 19 April, 10 and 24 May, 7 and 21 June, 17 and 26 July, 9 and 23 August, 6 and 20 September, 4 and 18 October, 8 and 22 November, 6 December

Should you have any questions regarding the Student Mode, please contact your faculty coordinator or the Student Mode VSB-TUO coordinator: 

Irena Havelková, email: