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We have compiled for you a summary of significant historical milestones, stipulating the direction of our university has taken. See how we have come a long way step by step.


The first mining academy in Jáchymov was founded


A Montane Study School in Pribram was established

Under the Decree of Emperor Franz Joseph I the Montane Study School in Pribram was founded, a direct predecessor of our University.


The Montane Study School was promoted to the Mining Academy


The Mining Academy was awarded university status with the right to teach for four years

The Mining Academy in Pribram gained university organizational status with the right to a regular four year teaching period.


The Mining Academy acquired the name of VSB in Příbram

The Mining Academy in Příbram acquired the name of the University of Mining.


VSB was transferred from Příbram to Ostrava

VSB was transfered from Pribram to Ostrava, and it has become the center of education in the field of mining and metallurgy.


VSB was divided into 7 faculties

For the first time in its history VŠB was divided into faculties, and from this year the number of faculties started to grow, finally reaching seven in number.


The transformation process of VSB was completed by having its name changed to VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

The process of transforming VSB into a university with a polytechnic character was capped off by changing its name to VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.


The National Supercomputing Center was launched

The National Supercomputer Center was put into operation (the Supercomputer Salomon was ranked at that time as the 40th most efficient in the world).