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VSB-TUO is well-known for its strategical location close to the local motorway exit, and has easy access to the local airport, the railway station in Svinov and to the city centre. You can get there by public transport, by car, by bike or on foot.

Public transport

Even though VSB - Technical University of Ostrava is located in a peaceful part of Ostrava-Poruba in the vicinity of a forest, the public transport is excellent. The campus is perfectly connected by public transport to other parts of Ostrava, even during the night hours.


By tram

Close to our main buildings there are tw tram stops - "Rektorát VŠB“ and "Hlavní třída". The tram stop "Rektorát VŠB“ is closer to the central administrtion, dormitories, and many lecture halls, while the tram stop "Hlavní třída“ is closer to some lecturing halls and the auditorium. You can get there by trams no. 7, 8, 9, or 17. Trams no. 7 and 17 go from the municipal district Ostrava-Jih, to the city centre you can get no. 8 or 9. All the mentioned trams pass by the railway station in Svinov.


By bus

There are several bus stations near the campus. The bus stop "Rektorát VŠB“ you can reach by no. 20, 47 and 75. "Poruba U Nemocnice“ can be reached by buses no. 20, 40, 47, 58 and 75. At the bus stop "Studenská“ the lines no. 37, 40 and 47 can be found. Buses from "Studentské koleje“ are no. 20, 37 and 40, and from "Pustkovecká“ no. 46.



By car

VSB-TUO is perfectly accessible also by car. The GPS coordinates, which can you put into your satnav are 49.8305572N, 18.1605611E. The campus can be entered into using access from Dr. Slabihoudka street.

By bike

You don't want to use public transport but you want to get more exercise? VSB-TUO in Poruba is easily accessible by bike (or if need be by scooter, using in-line skates ... ).


Bicycle paths

Ostrava and its surrounding areas are full of cycling paths, ranging from easy ones up to the most difficult tracks. Using the website of the official guide of Ostrava you can choose a suitable cycling path for yourself: D, M or W. Or if need be, study the map and find your own path that would suit you.

Cycling routes Map