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We present to you a selection of inventions created by our academics and researchers. We are looking for partners for further development of the patents or their utilisation in practice.

BroadbandLIGHT: Broadband remote control of lighting with Smart technology support

A complex solution for broadband remote control of lighting opening the way to incorporate lighting into Smart technology.

Gas generator

Technology solves and almost completely eliminates problems of ash / slag sintering and removal, and thus prevents equipment failure.

Innovative mobile rope balancer for lift machines

Method and equipment which enables adjustment, monitoring and verification of the magnitude of the applied tensile forces in partial cross-sections of the carrying ropes on which the lift car is suspended, by means of the so-called tension equalizer machinery.

Innovative sensor solution of bulk material friction parameters

A technology that allows the monitoring / sensing of the frictional properties of bulk materials throughout storage. Changes in the frictional properties are monitored and responded to very quickly when the properties are close to a defined critical value that serves as an indicator of a flow failure.

Single-chip digital control of 2D and 3D imaging structures with LEDs

A unique method and device that enables the reduction of the number of support circuits and core logic components for dynamic light functions.

Method of searching for people in crises

A method that is suitable for searching for people, especially in case of avalanches and other hazardous situations.

Device for locally controlled hypothermia applications

A device that, by using hypothermia, eliminates or completely prevents the neurological consequences caused by insufficient oxygen supply of living tissue, thus increasing the patient's chance of returning to normal life.

A device for measuring VVER 440 nuclear reactor screens

A method and equipment that allow for monitoring and verification of nuclear reactor screens even under the difficult conditions prevailing in nuclear reactor systems.

If you would like to find out more about the university's inventions portfolio, contact the Technology Transfer Centre.