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  • Ing. Petr Zámarský
  • Ing. Michal Weisz, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Martin Nevřela

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Experimental Noise Research and Air Conditioning Laboratory


Acoustic noise is omnipresent. Therefore, currently available noise-emitting equipment and facilities are expected to take measures to reduce noise pollution. This includes various buildings and their parts, where noise must be damped (hospitals, lecture rooms). In the long-term, this problem has been investigated by the team of Petr Zámarský, namely using innovative fusion of nanotechnology and sound insulation. The unique acoustic properties of nanofiber layers are given by the specific surface of nanofibers, in which viscosity loss may occur and which resonate on their own frequency. The new technology is based on the improvement of the utility properties of commercially available materials. A nanofiber resonation membrane applied on sound absorbing material substantially increases the material sound damping properties. Thanks to the fact the applied nanofiber layer may replace a substantial proportion of sound damping material (under keeping identical acoustic properties), it is possible to reduce the weight and thickness of the damping element by almost a half.

Form of Intellectual Property Protection

  • technology protected by patent in the Czech Republic


  • higher sound damping
  • lower thickness of noise insulation while keeping identical acoustic properties

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