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These Visitor Rules set out the conditions of movement and stay of persons on the campus of VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (hereinafter referred to as “VSB-TUO”). All visitors to the premises of VSB-TUO are obliged to observe the following rules, general principles of courtesy, and respect the rights of other visitors to the campus.

On the whole campus, it is forbidden:

  • to smoke,
  • to damage the campus facilities,
  • to litter the campus, including leaving or throwing litter outside the litter bins,
  • to use loud radios and similar acoustic devices,
  • to let dogs or other animals run loose,
  • to consume alcoholic beverages,
  • to use narcotic, toxic, and psychotropic substances,
  • to sleep and build shelters or sleeping places, pitch up tents or camp and park on the campus for this purpose,
  • to park outside the spaces designated by the relevant traffic signs.

Without the prior written approval of VSB-TUO, the following is not allowed on the campus:

  • to hold any promotional or recruitment events,
  • to make videos of a commercial nature if these are subsequently made available to the general public; the same applies to other similar activities (e.g. streaming) of a commercial nature,
  • to put up posters, invitations, flyers, etc.,
  • to place sales, advertising, information or other facilities,
  • to operate unmanned aircraft (working aerial models, drones, multicopters, etc.),
  • to use open flames.

Compliance with the Visitor Rules is supervised by the VSB-TUO employees, who are entitled to warn the visitor about violations of the Visitor Rules and to exhort him/her to comply with them.  In the event of disobedience of such a call, the VSB-TUO employees are entitled to expel the visitor from the campus. In cases when a visitor violates the law or other legal regulations on the campus, behaves aggressively or otherwise refuses to obey the call of a VSB-TUO employee, the Ostrava City Police or the Police of the Czech Republic will be called.

Activities subject to the approval of VSB-TUO must be requested at least ten working days in advance at .