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The Student Chamber is a part of the Academic Senate, which is the University's self-governing representative body and is elected from the members of the academic community.

According to the Higher Education Act it is one of the governing bodies of the University. This power entitles its members to a wide range of activities.

The most important activities include:

  • to represent students and discuss and solve problems with the management of the University
  • to participate in the election of the Rector, approve the Annual Reports of the University and other regulations
  • to participate in the meetings of the Academic Senate of VSB-TUO

The Student Chamber


The Student Chamber of the Academic Senate of VSB - Technical University of Ostrava has 14 members.

Faculty Person
FE Bc. Ondřej Herman (chairman)
FMG Ing. Jiří Dorda
FMG Ing. Katrin Calábková
FMST Ing. et Ing. Hana Špačková
FMST Ing. Martin Menšík
FME Ing. Lukáš Kudrna
FME Ing. Václav Musil
FE Ing. Adéla Špačková
FEECS Ing. Samuel Przeczek
FEECS Ing. Michaela Bailová
FCE Bc. Vít Němčic
FCE Ing. arch. Roman Osika
FSE Ing. Vojtěch Jarkuliš
FSE Bc. Jakub Baca jakub.baca.st1