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VSB - Technical University of Ostrava cooperates with many institutions, bodies and associations at home and abroad.


A cluster is a geographically close group of interdependent firms, specialised suppliers, service providers and related institutions within a particular industry, as well as firms in related industries that compete, but also cooperate, have common features and complement one another. The following is a selection of clusters in which our university is a member:

Národní strojírenský klastr Moravskoslezský automobilový klastr Bezpečnostně technologický klastr Národní energetický klastr Sdružení pro rozvoj Moravskoslezského kraje IT Cluster Moravskoslezský dřevařský klastr Český optický klastr Czech Stone Cluster

Complete list

Complete list of organisations, unions and associations in which VSB - Technical University of Ostrava was a member in 2018.