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At VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic has registered six expert institutes with individual faculties.

Fields of expertise: Economics, Mining

Mining geology, mining and quarrying of raw materials, treatment of these raw materials, economy and mining management.

Fields of expertise: Work safety, Metallurgy, Air purity, Nature protection

Steel industry, material formation, thermal technology and environment, automation and computer technology in metallurgy, environmental protection in metallurgy, quality control, metal and alloy technology, automation of technological processes, material engineering, chemical metallurgy, physical metallurgy and material limit states, control and business economics.

Fields of expertise: Mechanical engineering

Control of machines and processes, construction of production machines and equipment, transport and equipment handling, robotics, power generators and equipment.

Fields of expertise: Electrical engineering, Cybernetics, Communications, Mining

Electrical engineering, informatics, electronics and communication technology, electrical machinery and devices, electrical power engineering, technical cybernetics, electric engines.

Fields of expertise: Designing, Construction, Economics

Construction, industrial and urban construction, civil engineering, geotechnical and traffic engineering, mining and underground construction, rock engineering, construction theory, construction of mines and geotechnics, building materials and building diagnostics. Real estate prices and estimates.

Fields of expertise: Fire protection, Work safety

Fire protection, causes of fires, explosions, accidents, assessment of selected factors of working conditions and working environment, noise, workload, workplace ergonomics, job requirements, pollutants in the work environment, mental stress at work, strained pace, monotony, technical requirements and requirements for the use of personal protective equipment for the protection of eyes, face, head, respiratory organs, body, hands and feet, noise measurement of machinery and workplaces, assessment of technical safety of machinery.