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The Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) has been collaborating intensively with the private sector using various forms of cooperation for a long period of time. We are proud of our continuously deepening and expanding cooperation with both private companies and the public sector. In financial terms, since 2014, we have doubled our contract research income, which in recent years has stabilized at CZK 135 million (excluding VAT), putting us among the leading public research organisations in the Czech Republic.

Individual faculties and institutes have developed vast cooperation with companies in a wide range of industries. Our partnerships since 2014 are summarised in the chart below.

Faculties and research centres also cooperate intensively with companies in the form of scientific research projects (especially IT4Innovations National Supercomputer Centre and Energy and Environmental Technology Centre).

Forms of cooperation

Individual faculties and university institutions cooperate on specific projects with both public and private companies and institutions. Your organisation can work with us utilizing one of three different forms of cooperation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Bachelor's / Master's / Doctoral theses

Example: solving a minor problem that, if successful, would help the company, while at the same time, in case of failure, would not endanger the company ("obtainable with minimal effort").

Cooperation details

  • Minimal / zero personnel cost
  • Continuous cooperation with the student (employment after graduation, etc.)
  • Supervision of an experienced academic (supervisor) on the progress of implementation (must be part of the company - supervisor - student communication)
  • Long-term cooperation (1 year for bachelor’s degree, 2 years for master’s degree, and 3-4 years for Ph.D.)
  • Uncertain result (student can terminate / extend study)
  • Diverse quality of results
  • Thesis topic submission usually at the turn of May-June

Grant supported projects

Example: solving a complicated and costly problem or innovation that, if successful, would help societal development. At the same time, the project should not be limited by publication of the results.

Cooperation details

Cooperation details

  • Significant cost reduction, participation only in the research needed
  • Personnel cost of company employees partially covered
  • Possibility of using university employees and equipment
  • Long-term cooperation (3-year long projects on average)
  • Project application preparation and uncertainty with the financing of the project (success rate of TACR 30–40%)
  • Disadvantages of public funding (result accessibility)

Direct cooperation in the form of an order/contract

Example: solving a problem of varied difficulty, ranging from dynamic collaboration (several weeks long) to solving more complex issues (several months long) which are of great importance to the company, in cases which they are unable to solve the problem alone, or do not have the appropriate equipment and know-how.

Cooperation details

Cooperation details

  • Possibility of using university employees and equipment (depending on availability)
  • Fast problem solving
  • Solution only available to the company
  • Higher implementation cost
  • Limited time availability of the university staff and equipment (primary role is education)

Would you like to cooperate with us?

The contact person for cooperation with industry and commercialisation is Vice-Rector prof. Ing. Igor Ivan, Ph.D.

Collaboration beyond the university walls is crucial to us. We have been successfully developing partnerships with domestic and foreign companies, as well as with secondary, primary and elementary schools. Whether you are interested in establishing a partnership or helping to guide children to science, contact us.