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VSB – Technical University of Ostrava has been connecting technical, economic, natural sciences and artistic disciplines in modern study programmes for more than 170 years responding to the real problems of the present.

We carry out basic and applied research at the highest level. Thanks to tradition and cooperation with industry as well as many domestic and foreign universities in a wide range of sectors, we provide innovative solutions in a number of fields and the certainty of employment to our graduates.


We are a self-confident university respected by industry that successfully cultivates the individual professional and personal expectations of future graduates. We are a unique, living laboratory with high-profile and internationally recognized research that addresses the future challenges of society in real time. Everyone at our university contributes to the future success of individuals, the university itself, and society as a whole.

Our mission

We are a part of the university system that is the highest level of the educational system in the Czech Republic. We pass on knowledge, develop skills and create a space for the professional growth of individuals and the development of the whole society in areas with technological and economical specializations. We cooperate with governmental organizations, local authorities, domestic and foreign universities, scientific institutions, organizations and individuals. Our fundamental task is:


We are a living laboratory where knowledge acquired is further developed and subjected to examination and verification for application in practice. For us, quality is not only our goal but also the way we work. Teamwork and solidarity, founded upon mutual respect and openness, are what bind our university into a single organism. We are support for students and employees, and a reliable partner. We create a stable and safe environment for developing personalities, where innovative thoughts and ideas are born and grow. We want to set an example for responsible behaviour and thereby positively impact the world around us.

A modern campus that we keep upgrading

We constantly develop our campus to ensure a quality environment for our students, with new and renovated buildings, research centres, laboratories, and comfortable classrooms. 

Ethical Code

With the Ethical Code VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, as a bearer of European culture and education, proclaims the moral values resulting from the European cultural environment and thus strives for a high standard of ethical conduct beyond the mandatory legal norms.

"Highly ranked Engineering and Economic programs, and an award winning student life on one of the best university campuses in Central Europe"