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VSB - Technical University of Ostrava has a wide range of scientific research laboratories with high-tech infrastructure. These laboratories are operated by individual faculties and university institutes.

University institutes

The computational capacity of the centre is partly dedicated to the development of cooperation between the academic sphere and industrial partners, and/or for independent use by industrial enterprises.

In addition to the accredited laboratory, ENET Centre also offers a wide range of other services in the field of smart grids, thermal treatment of waste materials and research of high temperature properties of raw materials using thermal processes and convection.

In addition to accredited laboratory, cooperation is focused on the processing of energy studies, audits, assessments and certificates of building energy performance, monitoring and optimisation of energy, and monitoring of renewable resources.

In addition to a shared accredited laboratory, the institute offers a wide range of analytical methods, process testing, processing of studies, chemical engineering calculations and modelling.

The centre offers an accredited laboratory as well as The Experimental Noise Research and Air Conditioning Laboratory, Biomechanical Laboratory and Nanoscience and Technology Laboratory.

In addition to a shared accredited laboratory, the centre offers services in the areas of chemical, structural and phase analysis and material testing, particularly in the field of material and environmental analysis.

The centre offers professional support with preparing project applications for grants from national and international sources. It helps scientific and pedagogical workers in the preparation and implementation of projects.

The centre offers servisies focused on transfer of technologies. It helps to apply the results of research and development in practice.

Faculty research workplaces

In addition to the accredited laboratory, the Faculty of Mining and Geology offers a wide range of services in the field of clean technologies for the extraction and use of raw energy materials

The research and development centre of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology manages laboratories and teams that develop, prepare, research and optimise advanced materials and preparation technologies for application.


In addition to the accredited laboratory, the faculty also has a number of non-accredited laboratories. Besides laboratory testing in the field of wastewater, the faculty also offers services in the field of geodesy and remote sensing using unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Faculty cooperates mainly through the Regional materials science and technology centre, but also through individual departments, e.g., in the field of metallurgy, new materials, physical chemistry, and non-ferrous metals.

The Faculty works closely with businesses, companies, universities and other industry and government entities in a wide range of engineering fields. It is open to all kinds and forms of cooperation.

The offer of services is mainly through the Property Valuation Institute in the Faculty of Economics at VSB-TUO and in the form of educational courses or professional studies.

The faculty systematically builds partnerships with industrial partners using a partnership program and performs extensive screening of current issues in the application sphere.

The Faculty has an Experimental Building Centre, an Expert Institute and a number of specialised laboratories (e.g., Building Materials and Building Diagnostics, Structures, Soil Mechanics, Geotechnical Monitoring and Technical Seismicity).

The Faculty offers cooperation in the form of risk analyses, measurements in the laboratory, training, etc. Economic contracts are often finalised using expert assessments.