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We offer education beyond the classical accredited study programs, and also in the form of courses and seminars.

Practical courses for managers (and others)

Practically focused courses for managers and practitioners which are given by professionals in their fields, with vast experience. Learn about HR issues and people management in HR Academy and LEADESRHIP courses and, for those interested in franchising, we offer a comprehensive Franchising Academy course.

Engineering pedagogy - IGI accreditation

Graduates of the education programme "Pedagogical studies for teachers of technical subjects" will obtain a certificate of pedagogical competence to teach technical subjects in the field of their university qualification at a secondary level. The study is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the International Society for Engineering. This will enable graduates to obtain the international title "ING-PAED-IGIP".

Retraining programme

The Department of Mining Engineering and Safety organises retraining studies in Mining Engineering with a focus on deep mining for selected functions according to Decree 298/2005 of the Czech Mining Office on 12 July 2005 on requirements for professional qualification and professional competence in mining activities amending some legal regulations.

Property assessment study

Practically focused four-semester courses, which are given by experienced professors from VSB-TUO, forensic experts and other professionals in their fields with vast experience. We repeatedly conduct courses in Real Estate Assessment and Business Enterprises Assessment. In addition, we are preparing an Expert Minimum course and a two-semester Real Estate Broker course.