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Several Support Centres were established to meet the needs of students studying different study programmes or help both foreign students and employees in distress and unnerving life situations:


Chemistry Support Centre

Math Support Centre 

Language Support Centre 

  • offers students counselling and assistance with language training including: finding a suitable learning method, explaining language phenomena, helping with mastering topics or proposing a suitable methodology for acquiring language skills
  • room A431, every Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:45 or by appointment
  • for Russian, Spanish, French and Czech, please make an appointment to ensure an appropriate lecturer
  • please, contact: (+ 420 597 321 706) or (+ 420 597 321 718)


Psychological consultations

  • designed to cover a brief overview of your current situation and address any immediate concerns; at the end of your initial consultation, your counsellor will recommend some support options

  • Book an appointment (you will need to login with your university login, e.g., and your password)

  • for more information send an email to

Self-development coaching

  • if you are currently pondering over some private or work issues and in this case self-development coaching can help you find the solutions that inside you already know but cannot see at the moment
  • Book an appointment

  • for more information send an email to

  • we are regularly updating the session dates