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Orientation on the VSB-TUO campus in Poruba.

The main campus of VSB-TUO in Poruba

Our main campus is located in a peaceful and pleasant part of Ostrava-Poruba, between the city and the countryside, with all the modern conveniences within reach. Our interactive map can help you orient around our campus. You can find everything you are looking for here, the main lecture hall, faculties, pavilions, cafeterias, sports halls and parking lots.

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Main Campus of VSB-TUO in Poruba

17.listopadu 2172/15, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba

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Student Halls of Residence (Poruba)

Studentská 1770/1, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba

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Faculty of Civil Engineering Campus on Ludvíka Podéště Street, Poruba

Ludvíka Podéště 1875/17, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba

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Ostrava Planetarium

K Planetáriu 200/502, 725 26 Ostrava-Krásné Pole

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Area of Krásnopolská Street, Pustkovec

Krásnopolská 86/10, 708 00 Ostrava-Pustkovec

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Faculty of Economics Campus, Ostrava

Sokolská třída 2416/33, 702 00 Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava

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Faculty of Safety Engineering Campus on Lumírova Street, Výškovice

Lumírova 630/13, 700 30 Ostrava-Výškovice

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