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General information

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your device by a web browser when you visit our website. Cookies allow us to facilitate and speed up your work with our website, because they remember your preferred settings, such as language, login details, as well as adapting the content of our website to your interests and needs.

You can block the use of cookies or delete stored cookies in the settings of your web browser.

Types of cookies used

According to the function and purpose for which cookies are used, they can be divided as follows:

  • Necessary
    They allow the correct functionality and display of the website, and their use is necessary from a technical point of view.
  • Preference
    They are used to set your preferences correctly, such as language or login information.
  • Analytical
    Analytical cookies allow us to collect information about how our website is used so that we can further improve it.
  • Marketing
    They collect data about visits to our website, other sites visited and the links you have used. These cookies allow us to target advertising that matches your preferences better. If we cooperate with partners outside the university in creating advertising, it may also be the case of these partners’ cookies.

We currently use the following cookies:

Name Provider Purpose/Function Validity
__utma Google Analytics Statistics 2 years
__utmc Google Analytics Statistics session
__utmz Google Analytics Statistics 6 months
_fbp Facebook Pixel Marketing 7 months
_ga Google Analytics Statistics 2 years
_gat Google Analytics Statistics 1 minute
_gid Google Analytics Statistics 1 day
_gcl_au Google AdSense Marketing 3 months
_hjSession_* Hotjar Statistics 30 minutes
_hjSessionUser_* Hotjar Statistics 1 year
sid Seznam ( Marketing 30 days
cc_cookie Our website Settings of the cookie bar 1 year
JSESSIONID Our website Information on application session session
KeystoneVisited Our website Information on visiting external study portals 1 year

Cookies settings

You can anytime modify cookies settings on our website.

Commonly used web browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and others) support your own management and cookie settings, including settings for specific websites. See your browser’s help for detailed instructions. If you have cookies enabled in your browser, we consider that you agree to their use on our website.

For more details, see