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Recognition of foreign education

Have you studied abroad? Your academic education earned abroad may be recognized by us.

For applicants for study within the admission procedure at VSB-TUO

General recognition of foreign higher education in the Czech Republic

Recognition of foreign higher education and qualification in the Czech Republic is a process, which is based on a comparison of the content and scope of foreign studies and studies in study programmes with a similar content and scope, accredited at a Czech university.

It applies only on an Academic recognition of education, i.e. recognition of education carried out under the Higher Education Institutions Act (Law 111/1998, On universities and amending and supplementing other laws (Law on Higher Education Institutions), as amended), particularly in order to access further education and studies at a university and professional recognition of education for Unregulated Professions.

It concerns only the foreign university education obtained by the study in accredited study fields within the institution, which is a recognised part of the higher education system in the country of origin.