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Recognition of foreign education

Have you studied abroad? Your academic education earned abroad may be recognized by us.

Procedure without validation

With the below-listed states, the Czech Republic has signed a bilateral legal aid agreement – validation of signatures and stamp marks are not required.

If the applicant presents copies of such documents, they must be an officially certified copy made out by a Czech or foreign notary, the Czech embassy authority abroad or made out through the Czech Point service.

It concerns these states: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, France, Georgia, Croatia, Korea (DPRK), Cuba, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Macedonia/FYROM, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Austria, Romania, Russia Federation, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Syria, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

1. Application

Vysoká škola báňská – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) is a substantive competent authority recognizing education only if the recognition of such education and qualification in a field is similar in content to one of the study programmes accredited at the VSB-TUO.

The application must be completed electronically (or in block capitals), printed and signed by hand, and with the required annexes to be sent in paper form to the address:  Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava, útvar 9220 – Správa a rozvoj vzdělávání, tř. 17. listopadu 2172/15, Ostrava-Poruba, PSČ 708 00.

Annexes to the application (mandatory):

  • Diploma – a certified copy (or the original) of the diploma or similar proof of the proper completion of the Higher education issued by a foreign university.
  • Diploma Supplement – a certified copy (or the original) of the diploma supplement (“Diploma Supplement") or a certified copy of (or the original) the statement of completed subjects.
  • Official translation of these documents into the Czech or English language. The translation shall be drawn up by a court interpreter (the list of court interpreters is available on the website of the Ministry of Justice) or a Representative Office of the Czech Republic in the country. Translations are not required for documents issued in the English or Slovak language.

Where an officially certified translation is made by a non-Czech court interpreter, the translation sheets shall be accompanied by certified copies of the documents to which they relate, in such a way as to prevent any additional exchange or substitution of the sheets containing the translation. Translations attached to simple copies of documents will not be accepted.

If necessary, the following shall be added:

  • At the request of the university, additional information that the study programme pursued institutions entitled to provide a university degree or information on the specific contents of a university study.
  • Power of attorney – the original or a certified copy, if the applicant is represented by another person in the proceedings (a sample of the power of attorney).
  • Marriage certificate, birth certificate – the original or a certified copy of the marriage certificate, eventually other proof of name change, if the name is given in the diploma and the existing name of the applicant is different.
  • The decision on international protection in the form of asylum or subsidiary protection – the original or a certified copy of the decision on international protection on the form of asylum or subsidiary protection, where recognition is sought by a person who has been granted such status.
  • Information on the change of the name of the university (if it differs from the name specified in the documents).

Annexes to the application (recommended):

  • Copy of the identity card (an Identity card or a passport).

All information provided in the documents submitted must be comprehensible (Officially translated into the Czech or English language). Translations are not required for documents issued in the English or Slovak language.

2. Fee for proceedings related to the application for recognition of foreign higher education and qualifications

The applicant is obliged to pay a fee of 3000 CZK (The provisions of paragraph 2 § 90a Act No. 137/2016 Coll. amending and Supplementing Act No. 111/1998 Coll. On Higher Education Institutions and amending and supplementing other laws (Law on Universities), as amended).

Upon receipt of the request from the VSB-TUO, the applicant shall be sent a letter confirming receipt of the application and contact details for payment of the fee.

If the fee is not paid in time (within 10 days of receipt of the call for payment), the applicant will be asked to pay this fee within a specified time limit. Failure to do so, the proceedings in the case of the application will be suspended by an order in accordance with the provisions of § 66 paragraph 1. 1 (a) d) Act No. 500/2004 Coll. Administrative Code and VSB – Technical University of Ostrava will not further address this request.

The suspension of the application procedure due to deficiencies in the application not removed by the applicant even after the invitation (most often caused by the absence of documents decisive for the examination of the application), is not a reason for the reimbursement of the fee. Refusal of the application shall not entitle the applicant to a refund of the fee.

3. Deadline for handling the application

The deadline for the application for the recognition of foreign higher education and qualification is 30 days from receipt of the application without defects; in more complex cases, 60 days from the date of receipt of the complete application including attachments. The period for which the proceedings are interrupted is not included in the deadlines.

4. Decision

The rector of the VSB-TUO decides on the recognition of the qualification. The result of the process is the decision to issue a certificate of recognition of foreign higher education and qualification with unlimited duration for the territory of the Czech Republic or a decision to reject an applicant. Both the decision and the certificate shall be sent by registered letter to the applicant's own hands.

5. Remedies

Against the decision, the applicant has the right to appeal to the Ministry of Education through the rector of VSB-TUO within 15 days of service of the decision. The rector of the public university shall either comply fully with the applicant or refer the matter to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within 30 days of the receipt of the appeal.

Terms of appeal

The following information is necessary for the appeal:

  • The name and surname of the applicant and, where appropriate, his representative, on the basis of an officially certified power of attorney submitted,
  • Date of birth of the applicant,
  • Permanent residence address of the applicant (if the applicant is not domiciled in the Czech Republic, the address abroad),
  • Address for the service of documents,
  • Reference number and date of issue of the contested decision,
  • Grounds for appeal: to what extent does the applicant challenge the decision and in what way does the conflict with the law or the incorrectness of the decision or procedure,
  • Date and handwritten signature of the applicant or his representative on the basis of an officially certified power of attorney submitted.