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  • doc. Ing. Roman Fojtík, Ph.D.
  • prof. Ing. Antonín Lokaj, Ph.D

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava


VSB – Technical University of Ostrava has produced another environmental-friendly technological innovation. The Modern ecological timber-concrete bridge for Industry 4.0. has a number of advantages over the standard methods of bridge construction. The most important one is its sustainability as the bridge is made of timber and concrete. Thanks to the use of renewables, the ecological load is being reduced, which gains on more importance these days. Using sensors, it is possible to monitor the bridge behaviour in time and thus discover potential complications. The technology is not only able to monitor the ‘health’ of the structure, but it can also control one common problem, i.e. moisture. The innovation also lies in the simplicity of the solution combined with the long life of the construction likely spanning for hundreds of years. Overall, the innovations lead to lower construction and repair costs.

Form of Intellectual Property Protection

  • technology protected by patent in the Czech Republic


  • lower costs of bridge construction by at least 10%
  • lower repair costs
  • lower ecological load
  • bridge monitoring system to continuously track the bridge conditions

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