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  • doc. Ing. Robert Brázda, Ph.D.
  • Lukáš Tichý

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Transport



Storage systems are typically designed using the mechanical-physical parameters obtained in the laboratory conditions, when many simplifying assumptions are applied. In particular, one of the assumption is that friction parameters of bulk solids are constant in the course of storage, timestable, or isotropic. The innovation enables metering of the friction properties of bulk solids throughout the storing cycle, observation of changes in the friction properties, and fast reactions when the properties approach a defined critical value, which is an indicator of flow failure. The first advantage of the technology is the reduction of storage system damage after a flow failure occurs. The problem is that the current solutions are used only when a flow failure occurs. Another complication are the friction conditions that contribute to the flow failures as these cannot be simulated retrospectively in the laboratory. The flow failure occurrence may be prevented via on-line metering of friction properties and fast reaction to the changes. This way, production process breakdowns due to flow failures may be avoided.

Form of Intellectual Property Protection

  • patent protected


  • significant reductions in critical flow failures
  • financial damage minimisation

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