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Mathematics I

Course aims

Mathematics is essential part of education on technical universities. It should be considered rather the method in the study of technical courses than a goal. Thus the goal of mathematics is train logical reasoning than mere list of mathematical notions, algorithms and methods.
Students should learn how to
- analyze problems,
- distinguish between important and unimportant,
- suggest a method of solution,
- verify each step of a method,
- generalize achieved results,
- analyze correctness of achieved results with respect to given conditions,
- apply these methods while solving technical problems,
- understand that mathematical methods and theoretical advancements
- outreach the field mathematics.


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Advised literature

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Language of instruction Czech, English
Code 310-2111
Abbreviation MI
Course title Mathematics I
Coordinating department Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry
Course coordinator RNDr. Jan Kotůlek, Ph.D.