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Hydraulics of Working and Production Machines

Course aims

Students in the course apply knowledge of the subject Hydraulic elements and systems and applies them to the hydraulic systems of working and production machines. Students will learn the function of selected working and production machines and will be able to design a hydraulic drive or transmission. They can analyze the characteristics and behavior of the machine and drive and design or modify its control according to the requirements of the assignment. They will get acquainted with specific problems of individual machines and their drives, such as mobile machinery chassis drives, hydrostatic transmissions of mobile machines, drives of mobile working machines superstructure, energy-saving hydrostatic systems, accumulator systems, emulsion and water hydraulics etc.


GÖTZ, W. Hydraulics. Theory and Application. Ditzingen: Rexroth Bosch Group + OMEGON, 1998. 291 s. ISBN 0-7680-0242-7.
FINDEISEN, D. Őlhydraulik. Berlin – Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 1996. ISBN 13 978-3-23880-5.

Advised literature

NOACK, S. Hydraulics in Mobile Equipment. Ditzingen: Rexroth Bosch Group + OMEGON, 2001. 202 s. ISBN 0-7680-0886-7.
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Language of instruction Czech
Code 338-0534
Abbreviation HPaVS
Course title Hydraulics of Working and Production Machines
Coordinating department Department of Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Equipment
Course coordinator doc. Dr. Ing. Lumír Hružík